Heather Connelly Volpe
Visual Artist

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Way to go Heather glad you are following you passion. Looking forward to following you
Donna Moynihan - 27 Sep 2023
I am so proud of you! Maybe you can consider to teach William.
Lisa Jing - 25 Sep 2023
Beautiful! Very excited for you 💖
Dianne McKenzie - 25 Sep 2023
Congratulations! Beautiful work!
Maria Palotas - 25 Sep 2023
Wow. Amazing paintings. You are so talented. I do miss our book club days.
Tam Shepert - 25 Sep 2023
Wow. Amazing paintings. You are so talented. I do miss our book club days.
Tam Shepert - 25 Sep 2023
Oh Heather I am so happy you have decided to share your passion and talent. I know you will be successful. Brenda Cameron
Brenda Cameron - 25 Sep 2023
Love your work, Heather!
Sydney-Anne Porter - 25 Sep 2023
Beautiful work, Heather!
Elisa Fantillo - 24 Sep 2023
Looks awesome Heather! Congrats on pursuing your passion ❤️
Holly Rogers - 24 Sep 2023
Congratulations Heather, so glad you now have the time to pursue your passion. Really look forward to seeing your artwork.
Trina - 24 Sep 2023
Love to see all your work Heather. You are so talented. Count me in as a big fan!!!!
Anne Ireland - 24 Sep 2023
You go girl!
Veronica Lanz - 24 Sep 2023
Your artwork is amazing, so happy for you! I am happy to say I own one!❤️
Sylvia Park - 24 Sep 2023
I Love how your sight flows to your hands ,and on to a canvas.Beautiful work Heather.
Donna Miller - 24 Sep 2023
Awesome news, Heather
Hugh Tait - 24 Sep 2023
Congratulations Heather, your work is amazing!!! Look forward to seeing more.
Maureen Bailey - 24 Sep 2023
Awesome work Heather.
Judy Gwynn - 24 Sep 2023
Amazing Heather . So glad you are doing this . You have such a great gift !
Connie Doerksen - 24 Sep 2023
Beautiful work Heather!
Maureen Stanhope - 24 Sep 2023
Beautiful art! So glad you are making your creative work a priority!!
Kat Wahamaa - 24 Sep 2023
Your work is fantastic, Heather!!!
Akiko - 24 Sep 2023
Congratulations Heather! This is a beautiful collection of inspired work!!
Jennifer Cacaci - 24 Sep 2023
Congratulations Heather, I look forward to following your creative journey!
Miriam - 24 Sep 2023
Amazing work! So much talent displayed here.
Karen Massier - 30 Aug 2023
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